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Custom Facial

60 Minutes/$80

Fresh organic ingredients help balance, repair and hydrate dull, stressed skin. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, face, neck, shoulder, and hand massage. 

Relaxation to ease your mind and spirit.


Revitalizing Facial



Rejuvenating Facial



90 Minutes/$95

Add to your custom facial with a hydrating serum and a specialized algae mask that improves skin texture and boosts moisture, leaving your skin radiant with a youthful glow. Service includes a foot massage.



 RevitaPen Pro Treatment




90 Minutes/$115

Revita Pen treatment with add on bonus of facial, shoulder & foot massage.  


90 Minutes/$100

This facial is an anti-aging facial that helps improve tone and texture while restoring a healthy, refreshed glow to  your skin. Using state of the art, nano-technology sized spheres to create tiny openings in the bi-layers allowing treatment serums of Vitamin A, C and growth factor (stem cells) to deeply penetrate the skin to effectively create and reenergize your skins natural beauty over the long term from the inside out. 




dermaplaning photo 2.jpg

60 Minutes/$100

Do you want an extra glow!

This advanced exfoliation is done gently with a medical grade, surgical steel blade. Dead skin cells are removed to reveal brighter skin and allow for better product absorption. Dermaplaning improves the texture and tone of the skin with the added bonus of temporary removal of vellus hair. This service helps you achieve a flawless makeup application before any special event. 


Facial Infusion




90 Minutes/$120

Take your results to the next level! 

This clinical facial generates a 30 day collagen production increase. It is unique because it delivers several high dose ingredients including 2.5% Retinaldehyde (Vitamin A) into the dermis, using the RevitaPen for deeper product absorption.

Your skin will be transformed.


Gua Sha Scultping



gua sha photo 2.jpg

60 Minutes/$100

Gua Sha is a lifting and sculpting treatment rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that rejuvenates the neck and re-sculpts facial contours. Releases stress in the neck, helps minimize the gravitational pull of the face. The slow rhythmic movement of the Gua Sha tool along the face clears a pathway to flush toxins and lymph away resulting in smoother lines and decreases puffiness. Finished with a O2 infuser to give your skin an additional  facial glow. 



Eyebrow Shaping













Eyebrow Waxing














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