About Tricia Ackner Eyeglass Neckwear

The Story Behind Our Unique Eyeglass Holders...

Every 8.5 seconds someone is turning 40. When I reached 40, I began having challenges reading books, restaurant menus and various printed materials. I soon learned that trouble reading is just another rite of passage for millions of baby-boomers, and I soon acquired a variety of reader glasses, which never seemed to be where I left them. After years of searching for a fashion-forward alternative to the not-so-attractive eyeglass lanyards on the market, I decided to create my own line of beautiful crafted and highly-functional eyeglass accessories: unique eyeglass chains and neckwear that is fashionable, affordable and hip. Now, I always know exactly where my glasses are when I need them--right around my neck!

It's easy to order our handcrafted eyeglass chains and lanyards online! Questions? Call Tricia Ackner at 1-866-987-1955 for more information, or contact us.

Tricia Ackner Popular Eyeglass Styles Are:


Tricia Ackner eyeglass neckwear are handcrafted with a sterling silver ring that is connected with solid and secure jumper rings designed to keep your eyeglasses around your neck while also serving as a unique piece of jewelry to add to any look for both men and women.


Tricia Ackner eyeglass neckwear are interchangeable! The key to our products’ functionality is our unique sterling silver ring, which locks your eyeglasses securely in place. The silver ring, which you receive with your order, can be interchanged with our other styles making it economical and versatile.


Tricia Ackner eyeglass neckwear are approximately 18-21 inches in length. We currently offer three styles of fine eyeglass neckwear, our fashionable designs include: Dream Catcher, Energy Circle and Intuition.

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